• AHRRAO is conducting high-quality, policy-relevant researches aiming to influence Afghanistan national and local policies and practices.
  • AHRRAO is effectively advocating for the Rule of Law and Human Rights based on its research results aiming to improve policies and practices at local and national level.
  • AHRRAO is conducting capacity building programs to improve governmental institution and local communities’ knowledge and capability in order to improve access to justice and the rule of law.

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AHRRAO-IWPR second summer school

Justice and human rights can be exercised and experienced in a society where its citizens are dare to claim for the rule of law and human rights: Considering the fact that citizens can play fundamental role to have a society devoid of violence and in accordance to the rule of law and justice, and taking into account that due to many


مشارکت سیاسی زنان چالش ها و فرصت ها

موسسه حمایتی پژوهشی حقوق بشر افغان گفتمان انتخابات و چگونگی مشارکت سیاسی زنان را به هدف بهبود کیفی و کمی اشتراک زنان در روند سیاسی و مشخصا انتخابات پیش رو با اش