Analysis Research Consulting

ARC provides ANALYSIS on relevant social and political developments in the successor states of the Soviet Union and in neighbouring countries.
ARC conducts RESEARCH with a focus on conflict and conflict prevention in the successor states of the Soviet Union and in neighbouring countries. Other areas of ARC research are administrative reform, reform of public administration juridical reform, local government, regional development, minority and youth issues.
ARC offers CONSULTING services to businesses, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, research and educational organisations, policy makers and the media. ARC and its founding directors have provided consulting services for, among others, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The World Bank, TACIS, World Vision, GesellschaftfürTechnischeZusammenarbeit GTZ, OSCE, International Helsinki Federation, Vienna, NUPI Oslo, The Marshall Center, Garmisch.
ARC provides experience and region-specific know-how on all stages of project development, including preparation for tender offers, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. ARC´s consulting services include educational and training measures (lectures, trainings, workshops, interviews and background analysis).
ARC is committed to bridging the gap between academic research and the needs of businessmen and practitioners in the field. The founding members of the company and its associates are committed to research based on the standards of the social sciences. All ARC members have a training in the social sciences. A network of highly qualified professionals and scientists, both in Germany and in the successor states of the Soviet Union, contribute to ARC´s efforts. ARC believes that strong regional skills, including language skills, are essential in consulting and research.
Civil Society and Human Rights Network CSHRN

The Berghof Foundation

The Berghof Foundation is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting conflict stakeholders and actors in their efforts to achieve sustainable peace through peacebuilding and conflict transformation.
Initiated and owned by the Zundel family as a philanthropic enterprise, it builds on the tradition of the Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies that was established by Professor Georg Zundel in 1971. In the past decades the foundation has supported a broad spectrum of peace research, peace education and peacebuilding initiatives.
Today the Berghof Foundation unifies three previously independent institutions: the former Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies with its operational arm, Berghof Conflict Research; Berghof Peace Support; and the former Institute for Peace Education Tübingen.
The Berghof Foundation’s operations are run by a dedicated and multi-national team working closely with partners around the globe. An international board of trustees with a background in research, practice, education and philanthropy supports the organisation’s thematic development and strategic planning.


Access to Justice

AHRRAO is conducting an in-depth study on citizens' access to impartial trail in north Afghanistan


Reasons for Afghan Migration

Reasons for the Current Afghan Migration to the EU



Hayatullah Jawad, AHRRAO Executive Director has been invited by German Bundestag and the Federal Government, to Germany for a fact-finding tour